Comparatively cold let me have the quests

  • The craft: A huge content of the endgame is your craft, with which one can create legendary equipment. The system is rather simple with Astellia Online Asper: There are eight professions that you can all find out with a single character. Additionally, there are five collective careers (mining, lumberjack, etc.) of which you can only learn two. In addition to the equipment, you will also receive jewels and runes for updating, potions and buff food. A testing on my component fails but also here to substances which have to be collected . The PvP: My experiences with the PvP are manageable. I played with several duels from the open world and largely lost. From the Duel Arena I signed up to get a solo game, which however never started even after nearly 50 minutes of waiting.

    But there's a leaderboard at which you can see the top players and their rating. The way they started their matches, I don't know. The area Avalon hasn't opened up in the test to me personally. There are three factions, and seemingly you're assigned to a faction through the guild. Then you can fight on the map, but ran in 20 minutes ride upon the map no rival on the way. Can desire satisfy ? In about 12 hours of playing time I have experienced a good deal in Astellia. I have leveled, visited dungeons and sniffed in all areas of the game. And I am satisfied.

    Astellia makes a good impression, played quite easily and almost smoothly for North American servers along with a beta evaluation. Highlights are definitely the character editor, the Astels, the mount and also the narrative that has a good ride, at least at the beginning. Comparatively cold let me have the quests and the images. I believe both as neat, but not overly optimistic. I also have mixed feelings from the battle system. Even though this is not bad and has some lively elements as well, Guild Wars Black and 2 Desert On line both convince me more in this regard. But if you don't want to keep going and leap from A to B, then you may feel well in Astellia.

    It is definitely too early to complete on dungeons, crafts and PvP. Regarding Itemshop and possible Pay2Win we know more from the 2nd Closed Beta with cheap Astellia Online Asper. Astellia has been declared by this. Overall, Astellia meets all of of the important features and looks solid. Astellia's objective is to orientate itself towards traditional theme park MMOs, which entails quests that are monotonous. If Questmobs and the combat system claws old, if not positive values are remembered by Astellia. If you can cut corners in these areas and like the graphic design you could have fun with Astellia.