There are so many bots in OSRS

  • Please make Jagex aware of this bot farm at minnows, super upsetting seeing a lot of level 40s with 20m in fishing xp along with the furry friend and I don't have RuneScape gold. I am sure it is understood about but it's crazy to think nothing has been, this means there is most likely a ton of accounts botting Fishing Trawler too. Having a few of these robots running would be creating a single person millions of gp every day easily. . Sad to perform legit once you realize just like 30 percent of individuals on Runescape buy gold or bot.Have found a couple of runecrafting bot farms. Appears to be a"main" accounts which all of the robots follow one tick apart, action for action.

    I'm not surprised there are so many bots in OSRS. Most people dont understand that Runescape is from 2007, and its own 2019. Technology, coding, and especially blockchain and AI technologies is so tremendously advanced today, that Runescape's cheat detection is virtually obsolete. This is going to be a very difficult issue for jagex to solve. I have been playing RS on and off for over 14 years. I recently came back and played with for around a year and stopped playing again about 3-4 weeks ago. This videos are undoubtedly the most interesting runescape articles in my opinion. Its fascinating to me how much runescape has arrived and it's still so much underworld material such as robots and shit going on.

    Most of these"bots" individuals claim to see ingame like these master farmer bots, pyramid plunder bots are in reality all Venezuelans. Jagex is not slipping, they ban bots quite often, rarely do lots of bots make into to 99 enjoy the ones you've shown. Everyone calls these reports"bots" however they are actually Venezuelans hand gold farming. They destroy Runescape likely 5x worse than bots. Want any evidence? The weeks that they get power outages, the whole runescape market goes up by as much as 30 percent .bot maintain the econmy semi secure, would you rather we'd 0 cannonball bots and cannonballs have been 1-2k each because nobody wants to make them there would be large price fluctuations.

    Items woudl go very high in price people would catch on and they would nose dive as everybody starts crafting them. A number of robots enables for market economies to have a steady stream of items that actual players dont want to make to Use code "Halloween" for 6% off. Almost makes you wonder how many actual men and women play with rs anymore. Now imagine the number of different bots are doing other things like abilities n things. Rs would have no player base really.

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