I’m still a four-man and can you give me a 2k mt

  • And I’m sitting there looking like ‘hey, I’m still here. I’m still a four-man and can you give me a chance?’ I’m going to prove everybody wrong. I didn’t fall off. I didn’t stop working. I kept working. But I just don’t have the opportunity. And 2k mt just didn’t believe in me. And now everybody’s so surprised that I’ve re-emerged, this new 2k mt. And no, I’ve been here the whole time. I just happened to fall into a buy nba 2k mt where the coaches believed in me. So it was just a matter of confidence from Mike D’Antoni and his staff and an opportunity for you to get right back being, for the lack of a better word, “The Manimal?”It’s just now I have the confidence from the 2k mt. Yeah, they want me to be confident. They want me to shoot the mid-range, want me to drive my man and do the stuff you know how to do and have been working on your whole cheap mt coins. There’s no problem. So I’m like okay coach, let me do my thing.