NBA 2K19 MyTeam cards about Damian

  • Just a day before these Moments Cards dropped, NBA 2K19 gave away a free Locker Code for gamers. With the code, you’ve got a shot to get a 92-rated Damian Lillard Amethyst Card. The card is based on his buy mt nba 2k19 in history from three years ago when he scored 50 points in a losing effort against the Raptors. With the code above, there are also other rewards for entering it. Gamers could receive MT or Tokens just for entering the code on the NBA 2K19 game.

    It’s worth it for the free code. Check out our how to enter Locker Codes for 2K19 if you’re new to the game buy cheap nba 2k19 coins.In 2018, Dimez was the inaugural draft’s No. 1 pick. The 2019 NBA 2K League Draft tipped off with Jazz Gaming making the top pick. When asked about what position he’ll play for Utah, “I’m gonna start off at the five and then there, whatever works.” He’ll join a team that didn’t quite make the nba 2k19 buy coins last season. He guaranteed a playoff berth earlier but then later said, “We’re gonna be strong, I’ll guarantee that.”