Path Of Exile Guide On Useful Websites And Programs

  • In Path of Exile, if you don't know what useful websites and programs you need, in the flashback event or 3.3.0. Unlike poe currency trade, either way, all you need is curiosity and a love of arpg's.

    I would suggest getting a little experience under your belt before reading everything first. Having practical experience will help you have a better understanding of the context within which all other advice will be given.

    If you want to ignore that advice, get Neversink's loot filter and install it. Pick a class archetype you usually enjoy and do a search for class builds for patch 3.2. Then just play and follow the build. Searching for things like “starter” build or “cheap” build will help as a new player.

    For beginner's research, watch all of Engineering Eternity's beginner videos. He has a long and really well produced series for newcomers.

    To start theorycrafting your builds, use Path of Building or PoB, though it'll make more sense when you have a character to import and mess around with.

    Use the following sites: to buy items to track currency and item value trends for lab layouts to track your build's passive tree
    POEMate for an app that lets you track your passive tree (poeplanner and pathofexile trees can be imported)

    Later on:

    Vorici chromatic calculator for coloring sockets
    currency cop for tracking your wealth
    poelab's compass companion overlay for uber lab farming