Interesting PoE Skill Idea: Cold Snap

  • Recently, I have a interesting Path of Exile skill suggestion: cold snap. I know, it's already a skill. Just thought the name fit my idea.

    1. Channeled cold damage spell. When you begin to cast an expanding circle appears around you which does cold degen damage and chills enemies. When you release it snaps and does a large hit of cold damage based on how long you charged.

    2. Would kind of feel like a player centered flameblast, but could be scaled either through focusing on the degen or focusing on the hit damage on release. More dangerous than playing flameblast since you need to get in packs, but the chill while channeling provides a defensive benefit as well.

    Let's take a look at the ideas of other collectors of poe exalted orb:

    1. Basicly Flameblast with a degen effect before it explodes and with cold dmg. Sounds more of an idea to buff flameblast instead a "new" skill. Could saying that about almost all skill.

    2. I like everything except the expanding AoE. Too similar to Flameblast imho. Might be good for a threshold jewel effect though (start with less aoe, end with more aoe at max channel).

    3. I like the idea, I have to disagree with people saying it's ice flameblast, mechanically it might function in a similar way but the skill is giving you something completely different, I believe having more defensive orientated skills is a good idea and it would give new life to cold snap.

    4. I have managed to theorycraft WI Elementalist build with 10M shaper dps (assuming WI is max stacked and assuming about 66% of the shards hit the boss with conc effect) And that was without indigon, or new hyper shock from elementalist.

    5. Scrap that idea. How about, new skill, same name, when you start channeling a large ice hand comes out of the ground posed in a pre-finger snapped motion.

    What's your opinion? If you do not want to lag behind others due to lack of orbs, and you don't have enough time, buy poe orbs cheap is important.