Path Of Exile: I Don't Want Bestiary In The Core

  • In Path of Exile, I don't want Bestiary in the core. In fact, this is my first league since Breach where I stopped playing after 2 weeks. I often keep an eye on poe currency trade. Boring, bloated, unintuitive, time consuming and obfuscated, that's what Bestiary is.

    1. Not intuitive

    You see a red beast, and 95% of the time you don't even know if its valuable for anything at all. Some Farric/Chromatic/Sagwala/whatever Monster of the Deep/Plains/Flood/whatever. Because a name "Splitting" XXX monster "of Fracturing" to use for item split recipe is too simple. "Lucky" XXX monster "of Gambling" is too simple to use as a name for "create 10 currency items" recipe. Etc.

    2. Buggy

    Cage limits, map mods like reflect staying on monster, cannot killed allies 2x and many more.

    3. Overwhelming and time-consuming

    over 300 crafting recipes. Each containing 3-4 different mob combinations. Crafting page looks bloated and you aren't going to use 95% of the recipes. Because they are a waste of time. Those that you want to use, you have no idea if you make progress towards them in maps. You capture red beast, then you have to go back to Menagerie to check if any recipe you are interested in is now available.

    4. Boring bosses

    I've done 3 out of 4 beasts myself during first 2 weeks. Tiger - felt like fighting a red beast in map, nothing special. Crab - apart from less common mob type art, I wouldn't be able to tell if its a boss fight. Bird - can't even remember it, was over so quick. Bosses aren't challenging, it's hard to even tell if they are the boss since their art isn't much different to anything else.

    5. Not well thought out

    how do I know how many times can I use XXX recipe? Do I really have to go to the specific Menagerie room, specific cage, and count beasts inside, then do it 3 more times for 3 remaining beast types? Why are there hundreds of recipes that nobody uses? What about reflect monsters, allies cannot die? Why give players 10 different net tiers for leveling when they are only going to use 1 tier after first 2 days of the league?

    6. Absolute triumph of form over substance

    11 different net types, rarest ones aren't rare enough for them to be a net market so nets themselves as a loot are (for trading and during leveling) USELESS, bazillion rare recipes you cannot memorize and mob combinations out of which the vast majority is USELESS even for leveling, completely USELESS menagerie rooms that took development time.

    You can use your super rare spider/bird/whatever that is the main component of the split or 30% qual recipe and lose it because you've decided to craft a random crap beforehand and your very rare red beast was used because it was the last of its type. Buy poe currency on u4gm if you lack of currency.