Here's The Guide For Farming Path Of Exile Uber Hillock

  • In Path of Exile, if you're totally new to Uber Hillock farming, the pre-requesits to get Uber Hillock to spawn and to get the Oni-Goroshi is that you must be on a character that hasn't gotten the sword drop before and you mustn't have(not confirmed) left the Twilight Strand (you can't go to town and come back). This means after killing hillock at the end of the map, you log out/exit to the character select screen and wait for the map to reset.

    It takes around 2~ minutes (just under) for the map to reset, because of this it's useful to have multiple characters so you can swap between them and keep farming while the others are resetting, the minimum you can get away with is 3 characters, but if you get lucky on all 3 characters with the right poe buy items you may finish the map on the final character before the first one has reset, so having a 4th character is recommended but not required if you're a tad lazy.

    He looks similar to normal hillock, but the sword sticking out of his chest will be different (it's an oni-goroshi) and he'll have a ton more HP, so you should know pretty quickly if you're fighting him.

    Also before the patch you had to hit level 7 for him to start appearing, but apparently this was changed with the recent patch, Slipperyjim8 found an Oni-goroshi as a level 6 shadow, so for the time being I'm going to say you've gotta atleast be level 6, note that i personally got my swords at level 7 and the second at half way through level 8, so mileage may vary.

    Scion is the class of choice if you're farming uber hillock, Her passive tree has movement speed near the start which already puts her ahead of everyone else, she has Spectral Throw which is great for clearing, does decent damage and can deal with his new move pretty easily, ontop of that you also get the Onslaught support gem to link, giving you more movement speed, she's perfect for this.

    Passive wise you'll want something like this, the movement speed nodes are really the only thing you need when farming Uber Hillock. After that pick up the notable after the movement speed nodes and then go for projectile damage.

    Hopefully this helped some of you out who are trying to farm Uber Hillock, initially a lot of this stuff is common knowledge, but back when I was looking for some info around farming Uber Hillock I never found much outside of a few youtube guides basically all saying "Get movespeed boots and make four characters". Keep an eye on u4gm, you will get more gains.