A Quick Overview of POE's Progression

  • Here's a quick overview of POE's progression:
    You start a new character in a new league, and you have 10 acts of story content to get through. The story is quite fun and the missions are easy to follow--there's not too much getting lost. It's similar in feel to Diablo II.

    Every time you level up, and as you complete story missions, you'll receive passive points that you can allocate on your passive skilltree. For active skills, you can find/buy gems that you socket into your equipment that grant you skills and level up as you use them.

    You'll be around level 65 or 70 when you finish the story. You then have access to the endgame, which is called "Maps".

    A map is an item that you can find or buy that can be crafted to be more or less difficult (and rewarding). You put the map into your "map device" and it creates a portal to a new area. This area has a ton of monsters and a boss (it is like a rift). As you complete maps, you can start to find (or buy) higher tier maps--there are 16 tiers of maps total (and over 150 different base maps).

    In the endgame you'll level up quite a bit more, with level 90 being a good goal for most characters. It is crazy difficult to reach the max, level 100--very few people even attempt it.

    As you play through maps, you'll find all sorts of gear and currency that can be traded to upgrade your character. It is important to note that this game is trade-centric; it is very difficult to find or craft improvements yourself unless you're very experienced.

    I should also mention that throughout your playtime you can choose to complete "The Labyrinth" at various levels of difficulty. Each completion will give you special passive points called "Ascendancy" points that will specialize your build. For example, if you're playing the Witch class, then when you complete the Labyrinth you'll be able to specialize towards summons (Necromancer), elemental spells (Elementalist), or chaos spells (Occultist).

    There are a few endgame bosses within maps, including Atziri, Shaper, Elder, and the new "Uber Elder" fight (which is the official final boss of the game). However, it should be noted that very few builds will take on the hardest of these bosses. Most people consider a character "finished" when it is at least level 90, has completed the final Labyrinth, and is capable of running through most high-level maps.

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