Path of Exile: Are You Made A Crit Facebreaker Ice Crash Raider

  • Are you made a crit facebreaker Ice Crash raider? What happened was once in a while she can literally one shot a t6-7 boss yet there are times when a rare needed more than 3 hits to be killed. How lul? Had it tested when the factor of ele resistance is not a big deal? Why is her damage so polarizing?

    Factors that can go into that
    ⒈ Your weapon damage range (tight spread vs. large spread in min/max values)
    crit vs. non-crit, and more specifically having relatively low chance to crit with.
    ⒉ Relatively high crit multiplier.
    ⒊ Enemy elemental resistance.
    ⒋ Your accuracy. if your accuracy is not high enough there's a good chance that you will miss your crit confirm roles (a second roll of your accuracy vs enemy evasion after a potential crit hits).
    ⒌ Situational modifiers like flasks, charges, and other temporary buffs.
    ⒍ Specific combinations of base enemy type and rare mods can result in unusually high health enemies so it's not inconceivable that you can sometimes run into rare mobs that are tougher than some map bosses.

    Obviously the difference between getting a crit and not is going to be substantial. Even with a high crit chance you still need accuracy and you still might not crit even with a flask up. Seems like you need more data here.

    Accuracy is rolled twice for crits: once that the hit itself landed and again for whether or not the target evades the crit. If your accuracy is low, you're going to get very inconsistent damage output. Anything below about 90% accuracy is not going to feel particularly good.

    If you have high crit multiplier and multistrike you might find that one crit does more than a full 3 non-crits from a multistrike. Also, of course, ruthless and a few other factors might also weigh in.

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