Path of Exile: Many Other Interesting Mods They Can Use In Maps

  • For many people killing Map Bosses feels not very rewarding. They are supposed to be challenging, but they don't feel rewarding if they drop loot like any other enemy, only a bit more. I was inspired by the "Unique boss drops X additional Rare Y" Mod on Poorjoy's Asylum, but there are many other interesting Mods they can use there. Here are some examples:

    One unique Boss -
    ☞ Drops an additional unique item
    ☞ Opens you new paths (drops X additional maps)
    ☞ Is rich (drops x additional currency items)

    They could also combine this with other game mechanics: One unique Boss -
    opens a path for horrors from another world (opens a Breach/ summons Beyond Demons on death)
    ☞ Is accompanied by a harbinger
    ☞ Drops an Offering to the Goddess
    ☞ Gives you a glimpse into your future (drops X additional prophecies)
    ☞ Is hunted by [insert Master name] (gives Reputation for the Master on death)

    All these Mods only apply to one Boss per Map so that Maps with multiple Bosses aren't broken. Which boss is chosen might be determined randomly or it might be the last one you kill. Here at, we find this kind of stuff very interesting and that is why we love to talk about it. Let us know what your favorite run area was in the Abyss League and be sure to look at our Path Of Exile orbs where you can buy Chaos Orb and Exalted Orb cheap!

    Map implicit is a good idea brother. They could do some neat thematic stuff with it too. It doesn't necessarily need to be rewarding either. It would be interesting to have bog maps inhabited by necromancers, beach map contains many chests, occasional firestorms in caldera, and raging spirits in necropolis.

    Or just minimize actual dev work by giving map bosses a base 100% chance to drop tier-1 maps, which would be affected by atlas % comp. So when you hit 100 maps comp u are actually rewarded for the aids red map boss fights and get a return with a chance to get a +1, instead of risking your character or exp loss while trying to kill phase based bosses and getting a wisdom scroll as a reward.