Kill Uber Elder In The Shapers Realm In Path of Exile

  • Since I tried to find a guide on how to spawn uber elder without luck I thought I´d share it with you:

    ▷ Collect all 15 memory fragments.
    ▷ After you collect all 15 memory fragments Zana will tell you to kill the shaper guardians, I'm not sure you have to do it once again if you have already done it before but I did it just to be sure. The quest might still tell you to kill all guardians even if you have, don't worry just enter the shapers realm and it will update to "kill shaper"
    ▷ Kill shaper
    ▷ Get elder influence anywhere on your map and move it to the middle (a t15 that is connected to a a guardian), when you have elder influence on a T15 you will see that all guardians are now under shaper influence.
    ▷ Kill the guardian that is connected to your elder influence. After you kill that guardian it will be under elderinfluence. Then kill the three remaining guardians to spread the elder influence to them.
    ▷ Now the elder guardians will spawn on the shaper guardians maps.
    ▷ Kill the elder guardians (located on chimera/hydra/phoenix/minotaur)
    ▷ Respec RF
    ▷ Kill uber elder in the shapers realm

    You'll have to kill Shaper's guardian again if Elder has already spawned on your atlas. You can have influence, but not have Elder yet. The fight is Uber status. Think Uber Atziri to normal Atziri. There are phases, and you might need to adjust items like cold reduction and maybe kaoms roots.

    Depends what type of RF, Triple purity + Saffell's will give you 84% max all res before flasks. Makes tanking alot of his cold damage really easy, on top of the rest being physical. Which things like Jugg RF have no problem with.

    If its enough to only push the influence to One of the guardians which leads to having to delete fewer maps. Thinking about it reaching all 4 simultanously with influence is Impossible so yes reaching just phoenix or just mino should be enough.

    Actually all guardians will be under shaper influence when u got elder on Basilica, but you need to get elderinfluence on forge (in this scenario) before being able to spread it to the other guardians. Aside from the above we have talked about before, if you want to know more details, you can visit U4GM. Furthermore, it's super easy and safe to purchase POE Orbs cheap on so be sure to take advantage of that.