How To Farm Uniques In Path of Exile?

  • Path of Exile has a lot of interesting uniques. But you are finding it hard to get into such as this boss drop this. However, can any boss drop anything? Just not sure how you should plan farming for specific uniques you are looking for?

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    Only a small percentage of unique items are exclusively dropped by bosses (and typically come at the endgame, but as you said there is also one from the first boss if you want to lose your fucking mind killing him nonstop for hours on end). Another percentage of uniques are ‘league specific’, meaning they only drop when certain game mechanics are active. Yet another set of uniques come as upgraded versions of other uniques.

    There are even a few uniques that are vendor recipes. Spanning all these previous groups are divination cards, of which there are various sets you can collect and turn in for specific uniques or random uniques of a certain type (like a random unique claw or sword). Given all that, there’s no great way to farm for a specific unique unless it drops exclusively from a boss, or is the reward for a divination card. Typically you just play the game, get assorted currency.


    The vast majority of unique items can drop off anything of a sufficiently high level. If you're looking for a specific unique item your best bet is to trade for it. Mostly uniques are just random, boss and mobs drop anything. Exceptions are guardians, pale counsel, atziri and uber atziri, shaper and elder. Check U4GM for the specific uniques.

    Most item drops are global with few exceptions like those from certain end game encounters. (Uber Atziri, Shaper, Uber Elder). Some items, divination cards only drop on certain tile sets/maps, you can try to target farm them. The most realistic approach is to map efficiently, sell off the currency you don't need and buy PoE Items you want outright.