Path of Exile: How To Sustain Maps?

  • If you still running white maps, it may not be very interesting. And if you rarely get a map drop you haven't completed. So how to sustain maps?

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    Let me share some advice.
    1) I never used a Alchemy Orb on a white map - they take no time to run and you obviously need nothing more than a blue map for completion. Just buy all the maps you can't get to drop and finish the entire white tier.

    2) Start using Alchemy Orbs on Yellow maps (Obviously) for completion. You're still going to need to buy maps, but as you start to buy the yellow maps and fill in the blanks you'll start getting maps you need. This is going to happen closer to 100 completion percentage.

    3) When trying to break into red maps, start chiseling - it's expensive at first but generally if you clear the map you'll get returns. If you not have enough PoE Currency, you can find and buy in U4GM. In order to save you money, this site sells more currency at low prices.


    4) When doing red maps it's time to start Chisel, Alch + Corrupt and possibly Zana mod (Bloodlines works great) to start building a map pool. Higher red maps sell for 10-30c right now so you never feel bad spending chaos for Zana mods as even one map drop refunds your currency.


    To add to this. If you have to buy a red tier map for completion, look at buying an already corrupted one. They're often only 1c more expensive and you know what you're getting. Saves you from bricking yor 20c map into something you can't run.


    If you can get a 'good' corrupt for only 1c more than a clean one, you may as well if all you need is completion. If you have a build that doesn't worry about reflect, regen or -res then sure take the chance. If you've only got 22c and need completion tho, get something you can complete.


    I'm also 157/157, probably bought about 10 red maps towards completion and shared about 15-20 completions with a friend, but now I have more maps than I know what to do with and end up selling a lot. Fully clearing any red map (sub 50 maps left), chiseling, alching, vaaling for completion (I don't vaal if I don't need completion) and using fortune favors the brave or bloodlines every time really gets you your returns over time imo.


    Alch and go got me to red maps no problem. So I would suggest doing that, as far as sustaining red maps I heard you need to sextant and chisel and use Atziri fragments and corrupt.