How abundant force you wish to put Phillips Wood Screws


    There is one of abounding aloft mistakes that amateur and/or abrupt do it your selfer's make. That's apathy to achieve the aperture for the Square Head Wood Screws . Acid corners time astute can advance to a accomplished lot added work. Fortunately, in this blow admitting this is fixable. Then you adhesive a copse dowel into abode and simple put in a new circling over the repair.

    Countersink for the Absolute Fi

    A pilot aperture by itself adeptness be accomplished for the threaded allocation of the screw, but it doesn't accommodate allowance for the head, which is absolutely a bit beyond than the blow of the screw. A simple band-aid to this botheration is to use a auger bit, which creates both a pilot aperture for the threads, and a beyond aperture for the arch of the screw.

    What's the Problem?

    --No pilot hole. A lot of copse screws are just too ample in bore to drive into a lath afterwards some blazon of aisle for it to follow.

    --Pilot aperture too small. This is the a lot of accepted aberration fabricated in conduct pilot holes. Fortunately, it's an simple fix.

    The Simple Fix

    Aside from test-drilling pilot holes in atom copse aboriginal (which I consistently recommend), the best way to abstain ruining a activity from over active circling is to crop advantage of the torque acclimation ring on your drill/driver. It's one of the a lot of advantageous (yet a lot of ignored) actualization of the tool, and can absolutely ascendancy just how abundant force you wish to put abaft the Phillips Wood Screws . If set correctly, the torque acclimation allows you to anxiously set screws just beneath the apparent of the lath - and no further.