Topex wiper Raiders, the new driver seconds to understand!

  • Rainy day driving

    Line of sight can be greatly hindered

    Wipers are particularly important.


    Is not it only possible to open the wiper switch every time it rains?

    Wiper lever on the various icons are what does this mean?






    Do not worry

    Let Topex “paipai” to tell you how to use this wiper in the end?



    ①. Find the wiper switch where.




    In general

    Wipers use the control lever to operate

    Usually set to the right of the steering wheel

    You can dial, rotate and other operations




    Of course, some models will be more special

    Position the wiper lever to the left of the steering wheel

    Integrated with the light lever

    This design is common in pregnant car models

    Because you want to leave the right position for the shift lever

    It usually appears on American cars and some German cars, and I believe that friends in the United States and Germany feel empathy.


    For example, most of Mercedes-Benz brand models.

    There are many German Mercedes-Benz too, such as R, E, S, ML, GL and so on.

    The market includes BMW 7 Series, Benz S-Class, R-class ML-class GL-class series.

    More important applications in the field of commercial vehicles.



    ②. Wiper usage


    Wiper open is not over, adjust the speed is the most important.




    If your vehicle is equipped with induction wipers

    Then when it rains, it will automatically turn on the wipers

    It can also be turned on by pressing the “AUTO” key

    Rain sensor will be based on the amount of rain on the glass

    To control the wiper speed.





    If you need us to manually adjust the wiper speed

    When the rainfall is large

    Should dial (or turn) Wiper lever

    Increase the wiper frequency

    have to be aware of is

    If the rainfall is too high

    Wiper frequency has been adjusted to the highest

    Still can not guarantee a clear vision

    Then continue to drive at this time is very dangerous

    It is recommended that you park your car to the side of the road to wait for the rainfall to decrease

    And open the fog lights and hazard warning flash.

    Some car models rear window wiper is also necessary.





    For example: Topex rear window productT-300 Rear Wiper Blade

    *Multi-fit Rear wiper blade

    *Good quality wiper clip

    *10 adapters fit for 99% cars.










    Topex paipai Tips

    Do not forget to turn it on when it rains

    General SUV, hatchback, MPV and other models

    More equipped with wipers.



    ③. Wiper lever can also clean the headlights



    If your car is equipped with headlight cleaning function

    Then you can wipe the headlights wiper lever

    In general, when turning on the headlights

    Open the glass of water spray wash function

    You can clean the headlights at the same time.



    After wiping knowledge for everyone

    How to choose a good quality wipers is also very important

    Let’s introduce you to paipai : Topex Multi-function wipers”





                                   Multi-function adapter



    Multi-function interface corresponding wiper arm type







    Topex high-quality wiper protection

    Topex strives to be the safest wiper in China.


    1.German ink lubrication, the use of noise-free, providing long-term protection.


    2.Imported rubber material, perfectly fit the glass surface, very clean and smooth performance. High-end imported rubber material, durable guarantee.


    3.Wiper structure optimization design, even distribution of thousands of force points, to ensure that the wiper strip is not deformed.







    4.Combined with aerodynamic design, make full use of the wind pressure in driving, to ensure high-speed operation of the wipers is still close to the glass.




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